Video 1969

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Exercises of Public Security Service (Veřejná bezpečnost – VB) intervention units

This clip features exercises of VB intervention units that were intended to disperse a demonstration in August 1969. Its servicemen, in addition to other technology, disposed of OT-64 armed troop-carriers and a Robur bus specifically adapted for the VB and equipped with strong loudspeakers. A drill on the use of a tear-grenade thrower on a GAZ-69 support frame, newly imported from Poland, is clearly visible in the detailed shots.

Source: Security Services Archive

Monitoring of a Gathering of Citizens in the Center of Prague

Security service cameramen monitored a gathering of citizens in August 1969 in the center of Prague. The shots were chiefly taken in Prague’s most well-known squares – Wenceslas and Old Town squares and náměstí Republiky – and in neighboring streets. The deployment of water cannons against demonstrators and armed troop-carriers parked on Pařížská Street are captured in several short sequences.

Source: Security Services Archive

“Secret! – August 1969”

The film “August 1969” was cut for internal use from shots taken by security services during their suppression of unrest in the cities of Prague and Liberec. The first part features a drill for an intervention against demonstrators, followed by a sequence illustrating unrest in Prague. Further highlights include detailed shots of protesters dismantling pavement and barricade structures in Jungmann Square, for which they made use of a construction trailer, and shots of citizen unrest in Liberec, including skirmishes with intervening stand-by unit servicemen, who made use of chemical agents and water cannons.

Source: Security Services Archive

Suppression of Unrest on Wenceslas Square and Revoluční Street in Prague

These shots from the suppression of unrest were taken mainly in the area of Wenceslas Square. They capture demonstrators’ attempts to reach the statue of St. Wenceslas and the ensuing intervention of security services, during which the deployment of water cannons and chemical agents is clearly visible. The final sequence features the situation on Revoluční Street.

Source: Security Services Archive

Documentation of Protests on Wenceslas Square

Security services documented the protests on Wenceslas Square in August 1969 from the windows of neighboring buildings. Their cameramen then mixed into the crowds directly on the streets and captured skirmishes with intervention unit servicemen, the deployment of chemical agents, water cannons, and roundups of demonstrators.

Source: Security Services Archive