Behind the Iron Curtain: English-language review

Behind the Iron Curtain No. 3/2014

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  • Editorial
  • The Overseas Resistance on the Airwaves of the BBC
  • This Is the Voice of America
  • Halt The Jamming of the Blue Right Away
  • Communists before the Courts
  • The Gensek’s Visit
  • Our Comrade in Havana
  • Karel Vaš in the USSR
  • We Are Where We Were
  • Defector in the Free World
  • “There Was the Tailor from Bohemia”
  • From War to War
  • You Want to Rob Me.
  • The Greater the Pressure, the Better You Can Resist
  • Rejecting the Magical Power of Idols

ÚSTR, Prague 2014, 196 pages, ISBN 978-80-87912-22-5

Behind the Iron Courtain 1/2014, Volume 3 Review of the Institute for the Studyof Totalitarian Regimes, Czech Republic | Language editing: OLDSCHOOL s. r. o. | Graphic design and layout: Carton Clan | Print: UNIPRESS s.r.o. | Photo on cover: Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev en route to Prague Castle, July 1957, Krasnoarmějců (Red Army) square (today Palach square). Source: Czech News Agency | ISBN 978-80-87912-22-5 |


Behind the Iron Curtain No. 2/2012

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  • Editorial
  • The SOE and Preparations for the Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich
  • CSSR–Occupiers 4:3
  • The Deportation of the King of May
  • In the Beginning Was the Word Were Hells Devils
  • Operation “Tomis III” and Ideological Diversion
  • From Utah Beach to Strakonice
  • I Really Wasn’t a Spy
  • Violence Doesn’t Affect the Spirit
  • When You Understand, Your Fate Will Not Be So Painful
  • Thirty Years in the French Foreign Legion
  • The Rise and Fall of Miroslav Kvítek
  • The Subject of Operation BUDHA – Charter 77 Signatory Zdeněk Kvítek
  • Military Intelligence from Libya and Terrorism
  • Radio Free Europe through the eyes of the State Security Service
  • We Serve Our Nation
  • Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes

ÚSTR, Prague 2012, 190 pages, ISBN 978-80-87211-71-7

Behind the Iron Curtain II/2012 Review of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, Czech Republic | Language editing: OLDSCHOOL s. r. o. | Graphic design and layout: Carton Clan | Print: TNM Print s. r. o., Poděbrady | Photo on cover: Zdena Tominová and Svatopluk Karásek through the lens of the Secret Police. Source: Security Services Archive | ISBN 978-80-87211-71-7 |


Behind the Iron Curtain No. 1/2009

Ilustrative photo


  • Milestones in Recent Czech History (1938-1989)
  • Coming to Terms With the 20th Century Totalitarian Past


  • Inception and International Cooperation of the Institute and Archive
  • Highlights of Institute Activities
  • Formation and Priorities of the Security Services Archive


  • We Were Unhappy and Have Begun Not to Know It: Interview with Jiří Gruša on the lack of virtuousness and the threshold of memory

Articles and Studies

  • Getting to Grips With Munich’s Painful Legacy: The Agreement’s long-term effects are still a live issue and subject of debate
  • Wartime Wounds Cast Long Shadow over Czech Society: Czechs were among Nazi Germany’s first foreign victims
  • Cautious Preparations for the Černínský Palace Revolution: February 1948 and persecution of employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Communist Regime Investigative Aids Help Historians Uncover Secrets: Preparation of the Action 48 card index for researchers’ use
  • Political Executions in Communist Czechoslovakia: Intentional misuse of the implementation of justice
  • A Cheap and Dispensable Tool for Uranium Extraction: “Class enemies” used as forced labor in mines during the Communist regime
  • Hope, Warnings and Lessons From Across the Border: International impact of the Prague Spring and its crushing
  • Student’s Self-Sacrifice Scrutinized on Anniversary: Czech society reviews Jan Palach’s act after 40 years
  • The NKVD/KGB – The Service That Came In For the Cold War: International conference series expands channels of research and cooperation
  • The Far-Reaching Battle Over the Secret Policemen’s Files: Post-Velvet Revolution scandal that shook the government


  • Exhibition: Czech Society Between Munich and the War
  • Exhibition: On the Cold War Front – Czechoslovakia 1948-1956
  • Educational DVD: 1968: Shattered Hopes
  • Book: Victims of the Occupation
  • Exhibition and Book: Orwell in Photographs, Prague Through the Lens of the Secret Police
  • International Conference: Resistance and Opposition Against the Communist Regime in Czechoslovakia and Central Europe

ÚSTR, Prague 2009, 54 pages, ISBN 978-80-87211-21-2

Behind the Iron Curtain Review of the Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, Czech Republic | Editors: Chris Johnstone, Alexis Gibson | Graphic design and layout: Petr Puch, Kakalík | Language editing: Alexis Gibson, Cóilín O’Connor, Gillian Purves | Behind the Iron Curtain uses images from the ČTK Czech News Agency and from the following archives: Security Services Archive, National Archives of the Czech Republic, Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Aff airs, and the archives of Přemysl Fialka, Jiří Reichl, Peter Burgstaller, Jiří Gruša, Ladislav Kudrna. | Cover photos of Czechoslovak prisoners who were eventually executed on political grounds, aft er their arrest by the State Security Service: Karel Bacílek, student – 29 years old (executed in May 1949); Květoslav Prokeš, soldier – 52 years old (executed in November 1949). | Published in March 2009 | ISBN 978-80-87211-21-2 |