The demise of the Agrarian Party and the fall of Czechoslovak democracy

Implementation: 2013–2018

Head of project: Petr Anev

Description of project: The project will describe, in broader political context, the circumstances of the demise of the Agrarian Party, which is one of the keys for the understanding of the fall of Czechoslovak democracy. It will focus in particular on the events of the year 1945, when the National Front prevented the reconstruction of the Agrarian Party, as well as on other key moments in the history of Czechoslovakia in which the Agrarians played a part. These included the presidential election in 1935, Munich 1938, the political regime of the Second Republic, the demise of the republic in 1939, the activities of the exiled politicians during World War II, resistance and collaboration at home, and the regime of the National Front. The outcomes will include a monograph Zánik agrární strany a pád československé demokracie (The Demise of the Agrarian Party and the Fall of Czechoslovak Democracy).