Takeover, consolidation and transformation of the KSČ rule in the Czech lands 1945–1956, a regional comparison

Implementation: 2015–2018

Head of project: Marián Lóži

Other members of the project team: Matěj Bílý, Jakub Šlouf

Description of project: The project analyzes the building and the initial phase of the stabilization of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (KSČ) in the Czech lands in 1945–1956 in a regional perspective. Using a comparative method, it studies the subject at hand in selected party regions and districts. The first part of the project focuses on the development of local party elites. The second will explore the mechanisms of the actual exercise of the rule – i.e. the ways in which the interests of individual social groups were negotiated on the platforms of party committees under specific conditions in the regions. The project will monitor the communication between the party centre, regions, districts and the membership base. It will also focus on the distribution of competences within the party structure and the influence of regional communities on practical results of these multilateral negotiations of interests.