Selected chapters in contemporary Czechoslovak history through the eyes of witnesses II (1948–1989)

Implementation: 2018–2019

Head of project: Jan Dvořák

Other members of the project team: Adam Hradilek, Štěpán Černoušek

Description of project: The project will focus on documenting witness testimonies and the collection of archival documents from Czech and foreign archives linked to subjects such as dissent on the periphery in the normalization period and members of the resistance against Communism in the 1950s and 1960s. The project also aims to process documents from the audiovisual archive at ÚSTR to be used in an open web application that is being created under a NAKI grant. The project team will provide basic services and consultancy to their colleagues on recording, archiving and processing of recordings made in the framework of other projects. The project will also commemorate the participants in protests against the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968.