History of the 21st century – development of new forms

Implementation: 2015–2017

Head of project: Jaroslav Pinkas

Other members of the project team: Jaroslav Najbert, Kamil Činátl, Vojtěch Ripka, Čeněk Pýcha, Karina Hoření, Václav Sixta

Description: The aim of the project was to influence attitudes of teachers, develop new teaching methods and implement them in school practice. The project’s primary target group were teachers of history and related social science subjects and pupils; in addition, the project also focused on history in the public space and a broader civic education. Key activities of the project included: community education, the development of digital technologies in the instruction of contemporary history, the development of the programme “National Identity in School” and other e-learning courses, seminars for teachers in co-operation with the National Institute of Further Education and the creation of a history notebook for the ninth grade of elementary school.