History of state security services, 1945–1953

Implementation: 2015–2018

Head of project: Milan Bárta and Jan Kalous

Other members of the project team: Libor Svoboda, Jerguš Sivoš (ÚPN)

Description of project: The project is defined by the period between early 1945 and September 1953 and has important contextual overlaps. It focuses on the reconstruction of the organizational development of the intelligence and counter-intelligence services subordinated to the Ministry of the Interior (or the Ministry of National Security). It will present their focus, activities and staff in leadership positions of individual components at central and regional levels. It will also map the prerequisites, actors and the overall context of operations and provocations orchestrated by the StB in that period. The outcomes will include a final monograph as well as a collective monograph under the title Rok 1945 a obnova Československa (The Year 1945 and the Reconstruction of Czechoslovakia).