Documentation of the events in contemporary Czech history (1939–1989) from the perspective of individual actors

Implementation: 2015–2017

Head of project: Jan Dvořák

Other members of the project team: Adam Hradilek, Jan Horník, Jakub Daníček

Description of project: The project focuses on the collection and processing of documents, photographs and handwritten memories from Czech archives. It also records biographical interviews with witnesses of totalitarian regimes. The collected documents and photographs will become part of a digital archive open to both the professional and general public. As part of the project, the following topics will be studied and processed: members of the resistance against Communism, non-Jewish Holocaust witnesses, the hidden Church and Czechoslovak emigration to Australia and Israel. The collected documents are processed in cooperation with the Department of Cybernetics of the University of West Bohemia and the Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics, Charles University (the project Integration of Software Tools to Improve Access to Sources Documenting the Nation’s Memory Culture funded from a NAKI grant).