Documentation of political repressions in the Soviet Union

Implementation: 2018–2020

Head of project: Adam Hradilek

Other members of the project team: Jan Dvořák, Štěpán Černoušek

Description of project: The project of documentation of political repressions in the Soviet Union builds on the previous project of the Institute called Czechoslovaks in the Gulag, implemented in the years 2014–2017. In addition to the contribution in the form of mapping the scope, nature and timeframe of the repressions, the project will also describe the fate of concrete individuals. In 2018, the project plans to complete the digitization of collections linked to the persecution refugees in the Soviet Union (Lviv Oblast) and to continue in the digitization of relevant archival records in the State Archives of the Transcarpathian Oblast in Uzhhorod. It will also commemorate the anniversary of the largest mass murder of Czechs in the USSR (80 persons), which took place on 28 September 1938 in Zhytomyr. Under the project, a colloquium of specialists on repressions in the USSR will be held, which will outline further research in this field. The main research activity will focus on the processing of documents linked to deportees to Nisko with regard to the planned thematic publication.