Defence of the Nation. Edition of documents

Implementation: 2015–2017

Head of project: Stanislav Kokoška

Description of project: The project will prepare an edition of documents linked to the history of the illegal organization Defence of the Nation that will cover the period from the establishment of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia in March 1939 until the spring of 1942, when the Gestapo completed the liquidation of this important military resistance group. The research will focus primarily on the following subject areas: the structure of the illegal underground army and the plans for its operation; cooperation between the leadership of the Defence of the Nation and the centres of Czechoslovak exile in Paris and London; political ideas of the main representatives of the military resistance; cooperation between the Defence of the Nation and other illegal resistance organizations; gradual liquidation of military resistance structures by the Gestapo.

The outcome of the project will be an edition of about 150 major documents related to the studied subject.