Czech political activism in exile and political journalism outside the Council of Free Czechoslovakia, 1948–1968

Implementation: 2015–2018

Head of project: Jan Cholínský

Other members of the project team: František Stárek

Description of project: The project focuses on the research of political and journalistic activities of Czech émigrés and exile groups in the years 1948–1968. Attention is paid primarily to the activities of the most important organizations (Czech National Committee, Association of Czech Democratic Federalists, Czech Christian Democratic Movement, Alliance of Czechoslovak Exiles in Chicago) that stood in opposition to the Council of Free Czechoslovakia in the years 1948–1968. The project will also map the connections between the developments in exile and the events preceding the onset of the Communist dictatorship in Czechoslovakia in February 1948. And finally, it will also look into the situation in Slovak exile. The outcome of the project will be a two-part anthology of Czech exile journalism with notes.