Behind the Iron Curtain 4

The fourth edition of the English-language review delivers a selection of the most noteworthy articles in the magazine Paměť a dějiny (Memory and History) from the preceding two years. International readers can read studies exploring the secret collaborators of the StB and Soviet flights to Bohemian and Moravian towns on 9 May 1945, while the magazine also looks at the issue of post-1969 travel from the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and the signing of the Helsinki Accords, as well as the specific values of Czech underground culture. It also includes an interview with the author of Zmizelá věda (Disappeared Science), a book recording the fates of scientists and intellectuals of Jewish origin in the years 1939–1945, a piece on late 1980s happenings against totalitarianism organised by the Society for a Merrier Present and much more.

ÚSTR, Prague 2016, 1st edition, magazine, 225 pages., ISBN 978-80-87912-53-9

The magazine Behind the Iron Curtain 4 can be freely downloaded here.