Resistance and persecution of Christians during Nazism and Communism (1939–1989)

Implementation: 2009–2018

Head of project: Markéta Doležalová

Other members of the project team: Stanislava Vodičková, Martin Jindra

Description of project: The project focuses on the documentation of the Christian clergy during Nazism and Communism. The first part of the project gives attention to the hitherto little studied subject of Czech clergy (including Czech Germans) imprisoned, executed and murdered in concentration camps, as well as those who were released from these prison facilities. The project maps individual prisons and execution sites that they passed through. It also explores the involvement of clergy in various forms of national anti-Nazi resistance: exile governments, foreign armies, intelligence services, etc. The second part of the project maps the persecution of the clergy by the Communist regime. The project will be concluded with a monograph with bios of the individual members of the Christian clergy who were imprisoned in Dachau concentration camp.