Personnel file of Lt. Ludvík Zifčák

Career of the “dead student”

Ludvík Zifčák was accepted into service as an SNB serviceman on January 1, 1982 as an inspector of anti-riot services of the local Benediktská VB Department of the Prague 1 District SNB Directorate. On November 1, 1985, he was transferred and named deputy chief of the 1st battalion of the VB ČSR standby regiment. After completing SNB Officer’s School and an internship at the regional SNB Ostrava Directorate, on March 1, 1989 he took up the position of senior officer of Department 2, Section II of the Prague StB directorate. One of his tasks was – under the false identity of Milan Růžička, student at the Mining University in Ostrava – to directly penetrate the “enemy” environment of the opposition and student movements. In the evening hours of November 17, 1989, after the brutal suppression of the demonstration on Prague’s Národní třída (National Street), he played the hitherto not entirely clarified role of the “dead student.” After the unsuccessful hiding of Lt. Zifčák at the SNB University, he was recalled from his function on January 14, 1990, and on July 2, 1990, discharged from SNB service.

rank degree surname first
of birth
personal ID
no. (card)
position personnel
Zifčák Ludvík 11.01.1960 216868 starší referent
(Senior Officer)

SNB Lieutenant Ludvík Zifčák in the role of the “student” Milan Růžička on Národní třída, November 17, 1989

Video recording from the demonstration on Národní třída, November 17, 1989