Exhibition “Prague through the Lens of the Secret Police”

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Surveillance footage of writer Pavel Kohout

Surveillance footage of writer Pavel Kohout in the transit zone at Ruzyně airport on Nov. 17, 1982, shot by the Surveillance Directorate of the secret police. Pavel Kohout, by then already an Austrian citizen, met with his daughter at the Prague airport with secret police assistance, thus capturing the attention of foreign media on the very same day that the president of Czechoslovakia, Gustav Husák, was visiting Vienna.

Surveillance footage of Ulrike Ackermann

Ulrike Ackermann surveilled while importing exile samizdat literature into Czechoslovakia, organized by Milan Horáček from Germany. The secret police surveillance directorate's recording shows her meeting with her "contact," who, as it was soon revealed, was an interposed agent of the secret police. Ulrike Ackermann and her collaborator, Gerhard Kuchen, were arrested on July 31, 1978.